I think I would have had a heart attack if it had not been for Carole Harris LPN DSD commitment to helping my dad. My dad is 79 diabetic, high blood pressure, recent amputee that was transferred to CNRC without any of his life saving medications from Carson Tahoe Hospital. My dad had been without any pain medication, insulin, HBP medication for over 24 hours. When I found that out I was in shock.

Thankfully, I was transferred to Carole Harris LPN DSD who was willing to drive from Carson to Gardnerville to pick up his medications from the pharmacy and bring them back to the center, if that’s what it would have taken. She was ready to do whatever it took. That’s all I needed to know in order to be able to breathe and relax and know she had it taken care of. My dad has now had his pain medication and his orders for his all his meds. I’m beyond relieved and grateful. Thank you Carole Harris LPN DSD, for being an amazing support system for me and my dad.